Terms and conditions


We require a 50% deposit to confirm your injection appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, we will require at least 24 hours notice in order to refund your deposit.

Direct Payments

We will take the reminder of your payment by cash or by credit/debit card on the premises at the time of your appointment. We can also provide you with a full receipt by email.

Medical Insurance 

Unfortunately, medical insurance generally will not cover you for an ultrasound guided injection. If your insurance company has agreed to pay the costs we will require your insurance details and membership number and written confirmation from your insurance company along with a case specific authorisation code.

We will then invoice the relevant insurance provider for the cost of your treatment; however, you are still liable for the payment of our fees in full.

It is important to note that, depending on your individual policy, your private medical insurance may not cover all of our fees; this could be the result of an excess payable on your policy. If your insurance company does not cover the cost, it is expected that you will cover the full balance. Once we are notified of an excess payment that’s due on your policy, your allowance has been exhausted or our claim has been rejected for whatever reason, any fees will be invoiced directly to you.

Cancellation Policy

Reminder emails and/or text messages are sent as a courtesy to all our clients, however the onus is on yourself to keep a record of all of your future appointments. To cancel any appointment, we require at least 24 hours notice.


When further treatment or imaging is required we may refer you onto a third party, whereby we will send a referral letter, after which the responsibility is on you to arrange an

appointment with them. Once under their care you will be bound by the terms and conditions of that third party and we undertake no liability with respect to that third party.

Consent to treatment

Medical and therapeutic problems, procedures and treatments can be at times confusing for patients. Ultrasound guided injections are invasive procedures which involve the use of medications. For this reason we feel that it is appropriate to ask patients to read the relevant patient information leaflet and provide written consent that they have understood the potential risks and benefits of the procedure and had an opportunity to ask questions prior to the treatment. We also require that you make us aware of any factors that could affect your treatment or and medical reasons why an injection would not be a suitable or appropriate treatment. If necessary, we can also send correspondence to your GP.

We make every effort to help you to fully understand your diagnosis, the recommended procedures and any treatment that may be involved. We welcome any queries on anything that you may be uncertain of, or if you simply require more information. .

What to expect from your assessment

During your initial consultation your treating clinician will ask you questions about your symptoms and will then ask to assess the problem area.

In order to properly assess you, your treating clinician will need to see the affected area. For a lower limb condition it would be useful if you could bring a pair of shorts to change into, similarly for an upper limb condition bringing a vest top to change into would be useful.

If you feel uncomfortable about the examination, you can bring someone with you or ask us to arrange a chaperone to be present during the examination. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have at any time during your session, your treating clinician will be more than happy to explain things to you.

After your assessment, your treating clinician will discuss their findings with you and propose a treatment tailored specifically to your goals